Carbon Fiber Violin Bows

The Rook's durability of composite core, budget pricing, responsiveness and bow control make it a smart choice for budding musicians on their way to full size models.
Price: $84.00
For advancing students, the Raven is a great step-up bow at a budget price. It allows sound exploration and more advanced bow strokes thanks to its carbon fiber core design. A great option for a rental fleet, the Raven is durable as similarly priced wood bows and has a consistent, reliable performance.
Price: $152.00
For the advanced player, the Phoenix is a 100% carbon fiber, fabric core bow, specifically designed to provide the player with the subtleties and sound values one would only expect out of a pricier wood bow.
Price: $318.00
Price: $311.00
Price: $387.00
Price: $536.00
Price: $803.00